AA 5060114614185 Solar-Powered Car Battery Charger Black - B00AC1LLQY



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  • Extends battery life by keeping it in a fine state of charge

  • Ideal for cars and caravans only used occasionally or for short journeys

  • Connects to the battery through the EOBD socket

  • Trickle charges a 12V battery while parked

  • Accepts light from all sources both natural and indoor

  • The AA Solar Panel Car & Caravan Battery Charger is ideal for vehicles that are only occasionally used, or are only used for short journeys. It extends battery life by keeping the battery in a good state of charge through a trickle charge, topping up a 12V battery. It's handy size means that it can be left on the car dashboard while the car is not in use. A full 7-page user guide and quick start guide are included to giving easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. The unit is maintenance free and will protect the battery against the discharge process that occurs naturally within a lead acid battery.

    Car batteries should to be maintained at 12.4V to ensure sulfation does not occur; the number one cause of flat batteries and battery failure according to the AA Patrols team. The AA Car Battery Solar-Powered Charger will trickle charge and maintain a 12V vehicle battery whilst the vehicle is parked by converting light energy during daylight hours into 12 volts DC.

    The AA Solar Charger is easy to install by plugging directly into the EOBD socket and is fitted with a flashing blue LED light to indicate charge. There is built-in discharge protection as well as reverse polarity protection to ensure that the charger will not overcharge your battery. The THINFILM technology allows a wider spectrum of natural light to be absorbed, meaning the unit can still generate electricity under low-light cloudy or winter conditions. This technology also enables the solar panel to handle the intense heat of the summer sun with little power loss due to the rising temperature.

    Please note: the charger can only be used while the vehicle is parked and off. It is not waterproof and should not be left outside.

    The AA Car Battery Solar Charger is suitable for use on petrol cars from 2001 onwards and diesel cars from 2004 onwards.

    Legal Disclaimer

    Only used very briefly during a vacation; retail boxed in as-new, undamaged condition with all the originally bundled cables and paperwork

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    AA 5060114614185 Solar-Powered Car Battery Charger Black - B00AC1LLQY

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