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4 Reasons I Stopped Blogging

Friday, 11 January 2019
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If you’ve known me for a while then you probably know that technically I’ve had this little blog for a while too. Every so often I’d dust the cobwebs off my keyboard and type out a post but it was only an activity I reached for every so often, my fingers often itched to type out a new post but not enough to finish anything. I doubt any of you are wondering as to why I stopped and only just picked it up again now, but I thought I’d share anyway and give you a little insight into the girl behind beesytimes. I'm hoping in doing so I may be a little better with keeping this up this time, this post is almost a cathartic one to face my blogging fears.

Lack of confidence in myself within the blogging community

This first reason was a big problem for me staying consistent. The lack of confidence though wasn’t really in the blogging community though, more the lack of confidence I had in myself to put myself out there. Everyone in the blogging community at first seems a little intimidating because they all have gorgeous feeds and content, I let this get to me. I felt like an outsider in the community because I didn’t have the courage to approach anyone or start conversations that left the blog chats on twitter. I think many bloggers actually share this lack of confidence and it’s something I wish to leave behind this time I kickstart my blog, I’d love some blogger pals. Friendships in the community can help content flourish, they create a supportive atmosphere that benefits all since everyone has a network of support. I’ve only just realised how much this idea of the big scary blogosphere held me back with sharing my platform, and I’m not letting it stop me this time.

I fell out of love with my blog

Last time I started up blogging again, I became determined to grow the numbers, obsessed with what google analytics was showing me. I became obsessed to the point that I actually forgot why I started this blog, I lost sight of the enjoyment I had after creating any form of content for the blog and focussed almost solely on how well it was received by the audience. I stopped blogging for the love of writing and creating, instead churning out posts that I thought would do well with others. This concern made my content suffer and my love of blogging since I was no longer producing content for the love of writing, but for the content to be consistent. Kind of ironic that my want for consistency caused me to stop altogether isn’t it?

I had no confidence in what I was posting

I have a horrible habit of comparing myself to others, I hate it when others tell me of their actual essay grades because although I am happy for them I compare my successes to theirs. This comparison in the blogosphere though translated to me seeing any post slightly similar to mine and immediately deciding mine was worse. I saw flaws in my own work when I should have actually been looking to theirs to see if I could improve my work in some ways. I had so little confidence in what I was posting that I didn’t want to share any of my content, not just on social media but with my family too. Feeling like nothing I posted was good enough just caused me to doubt my abilities and eventually let my content slide off the planet since nothing I posted was good enough! Since then I have re-read what I was posting, yes some of it needed a little refining, but that just led me to reword a few things and publishing it as slightly newer content. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I assumed it was but I suppose there’s a reason as to why comparison can be the thief of joy.

Lack of time

This reason is no excuse whatsoever, particularly as I know of many bloggers who balance both a full-time job and have a good platform online. Not only that, there are many bloggers out there who are students like me and keep up with their platforms, badly I fell behind. University and the pressure of keeping up to do well in my academics just overshadowed how often I posted. A lack of organisation meant I had no drive to get particular posts up on time since getting essays in by the deadline was far more imperative. I had the time, however, between university and a part-time job I was exhausted so this had to take the back seat. I’m hoping a more organised plan and all the posts I’ve read on keeping up with blogging will help me with this though.

There are a few other reasons as to why my blog slid completely off the grid, these are the core four reasons though. I’m hoping in sharing my worries and pitfalls with blogging that I’ve had in the past, they lose hold of me. I’d like to make this platform consistent and I don’t want to let negative thoughts or feelings hold me back anymore.

With that in mind, I’d love to hear your ways of staying consistent with blogging? What are your strategies for not falling behind?
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