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Sunday shoutout #1: Bloggers I've been loving recently

Sunday, 6 January 2019
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This post is inspired by a tweet the lovely Lyd from over at WhatLydDid posted earlier saying about supportive series she’s ran in the past, one of them being ‘Sundayshoutout.’ The idea of sundayshoutout is to share the love you have for other bloggers with other people; basically it’s just a want to spread more positivity. From what I have seen recently at the moment there’s not a great amount of drama in the blogosphere, but still in my books you shouldn’t just spread positivity for the sake of dispelling negativity. Without further ado though, here is my first Sundayshoutout of hopefully many more to come.


The woman who arguably made this post a reality. Lyd is a hilarious blogger from the North West of England who blogs about many things that just make her happy. Her posts are fun, honest and just a joy to read. Lyd is one of the nicest, most supportive bloggers I have come across in the blogosphere, not only did she inspire this series with her own, but since this she’s done other series shouting out people who deserve all the love online. She’s also created some amazing prints and is selling them over at her etsy shop so it’s worth having a look there if you want something fun and colourful to bright up your office space.

Posts to read:

1. Shop small: sustainable swaps

2.The  blogger I want to be

3. Pushing my mind and body at Go Ape

2. AbbeyLouisaRose

Abbey has been one of my favourite bloggers for years. She’s endlessly supportive of other bloggers in the community and writes some of the most honest and thought-provoking posts I’ve come across. Her blog is written in a way that you never tire of scrolling through her posts since every one of them leaves you with a newfound insight into one topic or another. Her posts range from lifestyle, to fashion to food; a little bit of everything. Her honesty with how she presents herself online is what makes this blog so original due to how she isn’t afraid to challenge common perceptions of or in the blogosphere. Plus, she’s a total girl boss with how she’s managing to continually publish such great content whilst studying for a PhD.

Posts to read:
1. Authenticity online: Keeping it real on Instagram

3. AliceInWonderlust

Alice’s blog is one that I am fairly new to but I instantly fell in love with. Alice is a dating and lifestyle blogger and honestly it was lovely to stumble across her blog because of this, since her blog was the first one dedicated to dating that I actually came across. What I love about Alice’s blog is how open she is about her personal life, that she openly admits how she feels about casual sex and isn’t afraid to talk about virginity or the other so-called ‘taboo’ subjects. Her writing has a distinctive sincerity in regards to the topic of dating which to me makes her blog something that’s incredibly relatable and enjoyable to read.

Posts to read:

1. How to be single

2. I don’t have casual sex, and it’s none of your business

3. The 3 tiers of friendship

4. Ruthinrevolt

Like Alice, Ruth is a blogger I have only been reading for a few months, but have quickly fell in love with. She is one of the kindest people I have interacted with on twitter and like Abbey, is incredibly supportive of her fellow bloggers. Ruth hasn’t been blogging for long, but in the time that she has, she’s quick to show readers ways on how to grow their platforms in the ways that have really boosted her own following. I love her style of writing and how supportive she is on twitter, making her an incredibly approachable and welcoming blogger who makes anyone feel at home. She specialises in lifestyle and mental health blogging.

Posts to read:

1. Dream Dinner party

2. 8 Ways to gain twitter followers as a blogger

3. Women empowerment

5. Little world of Beka

Beka’s blog is one of the few beauty blogs I read (I really do need to find more) and I just love her reviews. She always voices her opinion well on products, even if that opinion goes against the common views of the public and the blogging community. Not only are her reviews great though, but she adores Disney and harry potter which means she creates so much more amazing content. Her Instagram is also so cute with all the Disney posts and general cheerfully bright feed that just defines her blog to me in a way.

Posts to read:

1. Colourpop: Disney designer collection

2. Her Disneyworld florida series

3. Becca highlighter review

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of bloggers I’ve shared today and go to check them out to continue the love. I’d love to know of the bloggers and posts you’re loving at the moment!

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