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# Sunday Shout-out: Black Tulip Beauty

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Sorry for the lack of #shoutoutsunday post last week, I was home for my mum’s birthday and since I didn’t have a post prepped I just wanted to spend the day with my family. This week I’ve decided to mix up the theme of this a little and just focus on one blogger so you get a longer review/list of reasons why I love this blog!

I’m never too sure how they work for growing an organic following besides improving stats for comments and social media, but I find blog chats and comment threads a godsend for discovering new blogs. It was in a comment thread that I actually came across Alice’s blog. Black Tulip Beauty is a little bit of everything, even though the title of her blog would suggest a pure beauty-based platform. You can find posts ranging from her health and life with an ostomy to fun content like her boyfriend, Jake, doing her make up!

I’ve not spoken to Alice a lot on twitter but the interactions I’ve had with her have always been lovely. She’s really supportive of other bloggers in the community and generally has a great sense of humour that shows through her tweets. I really love the alternative style that shows through her posts and photos, which are gorgeous by the way!

Her blog theme is really easy to navigate so it’s really easy to just get lost scrolling and reading through her content. As I’ve said, I adore her style and range in posts that really do add a little bit of everything to your reading list. She’s got an endless amount of content too so you definitely won’t run out of reading material quickly which is always good. A blog I constantly go back to and read since I’ve definitely not read all her posts, I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us this year!

Posts to read:

Quotes I will be manifesting in 2019.

I love this post so much! After everything Alice went through in 2018 with her IBD, it’s amazing she still has such a positive outlook going into 2019. The post contains some amazing quotes to live by and some gorgeous photos that accompany such an inspiring post.

My IBD Story: Good-bye and good riddance

This post is a little harder to read so if you want something lighter and fluffier I’d suggest reading some of my other picks. I love this post. It’s so honest, and honestly with what Alice has been through this post alone shows to me why she’s one of the most courageous bloggers I know. She’s been through the surgery now, so there is a follow-up post, but to me, this series on her IBD and life with a stoma does just show she is a superwoman of the blogging community.

Five things I’ve learnt in a 5 year relationship

This post is up there with one of my favourite relationship-based blog posts I’ve read recently, the list is so true and useful for any relationship; new or old. The photos that accompanying the post are gorgeous too. Just too cute.
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