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Practically Perfect In Every Way

Monday, 7 January 2019

Something I have struggled with a lot in the past is being myself around other people so on many occasions I have tried to change who I am a bit to fit in. I’m probably not alone here in looking at someone and thinking “Wouldn’t it be nice to just be her for a second?”

One of my new year's goals is to be more confident, both in what I produce, whether that’s an Instagram post or an essay and in myself. I’ve been sitting and wondering what I can change to feel a little better and that’s just it, I shouldn’t have to change anything. I should just be myself and embrace who I am since that’s the best version of me.

Just last week I went to see Mary Poppins returns at the cinema and the classic line it finished with just hit me, “Practically perfect in every way.”

I love quotes, a lot do hold a special meaning to me but this I took as a call for confidence. Mary Poppins does not change for anyone, yes, I know the actor changed, but the character largely has remained the same. She is one of confidence and belief in what others would deem impossible, she makes others believe the impossible. She emphasises the values of love and laughter; having a belief in yourself when others doubt you. Believing in the impossible may seem true when trying to believe in yourself sometimes, but just embracing your own style and personality means you’re half the way there. These beliefs that she embodies and the film itself are what actually encouraged me to shoot in public with a Mary Poppins inspired outfit.

I would like to be more like he in this aspect, I think we should all be a little like her. I’m not saying we should strive for perfection, or that we should quickly sign up to a nannying service, but to have the confidence to say we’re perfect. Others may think you’re arrogant for saying this but being happy with yourself is a big thing I find with being able to have more confidence. We should look at ourselves and feel happy with our achievements and what we do. Obviously, everyone has days where we doubt ourselves, but those days shouldn’t stop us or become what we define ourselves with. We should dust ourselves off and be perfect in our own ways, show people who we are and embrace all our quirks, good and bad. 


That girl on Instagram, after all, is just a girl on Instagram, she may have a beautiful feed with the most curated theme and dozens of opportunities that have been gifted to her but that’s because she’s worked for them. At the end of the day, Instagram is just a photo, we do not see the effort that goes on behind it to get that shot, but that doesn’t mean we should aspire to imitate it. You could become a perfect copy of that girl and have an almost identical feed, but then the element of you is gone. People may love that girl and she may have thousands of followers but she has those because she is her. You are you and people would love you more if you aren’t an imitation of somebody else.

I’m not saying don’t use others as a source of inspiration, but don’t become a mirror image of them. The reason why we are all perfect in our own right is because we’re us. Don’t be jealous of her feed or wish to become her but look and use them for inspiration, tell them you admire their blog or account because they might not be feeling perfect in themselves. As I said, Instagram doesn’t show the whole story. Have the confidence to approach them, they’ll probably surprise you since most people I have come across in the blogosphere in the short time I’ve been an active member are actually incredibly kind. 

Just be yourself and be proud of the perfection you create, whether that be in everyday life or on a social media platform. You may not be reaching the heights that the other girl has but you’re just starting out. You’re on the ground now, but the only way you can go is up. 
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