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What 2018 has taught me

Monday, 31 December 2018

Now that 2018 is drawing to a close, I’m starting to feel a little reflective of the year. Firstly, as I’m writing this I am feeling a little ashamed with how neglectful I have been of my little site, the reasons as to why I may explain in a future post but I am aiming to consistently write on here in 2019. Posts will be written and planned in advance, who knows about photography though as that’s what I’ve struggled the most with. Personally, I feel I’ve grown a lot this year which has helped me gain a little perspective on a few things too.

1. You won’t always get on with everyone

This year has made me realise something quite obvious that you’re taught in primary school; you won’t be friends with everyone. Now, this may seem a little obvious to some but relationships ending this year has made me realise falling out is sometimes the healthiest ending. Obviously the fall out is never kind to anyone or everyone, but sometimes it’s what can actually start the healing. Lack of understanding and wanting to make everyone happy eventually leads to misery, not only your own but theirs too. Some people you aren’t meant to be friends with and that’s okay, all you can do is just hope for their happiness and wellbeing once you’re all free from toxicity created by your conflict. Apologies aren’t always needed if too much time has passed, just a mutual understanding of civility and wishing the other well in life.

2. Exercise is a form of therapy for me

In the words of Legally Blonde ‘Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy.’ Never has a quote been relatable than this one, I don’t quite understand the science behind it since a few years have passed since GCSE biology but I can endorse it. I may not have consistently exercised this year, but when I did my mind felt a good deal clearer meaning I started the day feeling a lot better. This I hope to continue into 2019, but on a more regular basis than I did this year. On the days I felt sluggish and unmotivated I found running or the gym really helped me put everything into perspective. Reviewing the year and realising this has made me want to work out more in 2019 just to try and boost my mental and physical wellbeing.

3.  Facing my problems head on

This year I have faced a few things and worked out how to cope with them, that I need to face issues head on. Sometimes the fight or flight mentality kicks in at odd times and really doesn’t help, neither is the answer. This year though I’ve realised that it’s best to wait out most things and not avoid them by burying my head in the sand. Not everything can be solved straight away, but nothing can be solved by just ignoring the issue. This year I have learnt not to turn mildly self-destructive ways when things go terribly but to try and cope by just going over what went wrong. This may not work for everything, but I’m learning to adapt.

4. I should embrace all things I love and be proud of them

When I was younger, think the awkward teen phase, I didn’t want to be myself. I feared that if I embraced and shared everything I love that others would judge me. Some did. It’s taken me a while to be myself around everyone and not just those closest to me, but this year I finally realised I should share the things that make me happy. The things I love. I know 20 is probably a little old to realise this but, there you go I’ve finally got there. Hopefully, it means 2019 will result in an overall happier me though.

Happy New Year everyone! What things have you all learned in this past year?
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