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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Another month seems to have gone by too quickly, I feel like a typical blogger or vlogger saying this but where has the year gone?? The summer has moved quickly since I’ve been working for most of it but this year has flown by so quickly. Makes me scared to think I’m going into my third year of uni in a month. The end of this month though means another favourites post! With work I’ve not been able to try and test many new products, but I’ve still gotten hold of enough things to love. (If that makes any sense…)


First on the list is clothing, now this month I’ve not actually bought much new clothing but I have got really into shopping second hand and in charity shops! I’ve recently decided to try and turn my style more classic, but that doesn’t mean I ignore the bargain of topshop jeans for £3 in a local store. Charity shops have become my new clothing/shop love with some of the gems you can find for such a low price. Of course, the mom jean bargain are the main favourite from this but ultimately it was hunting in a charity shop that brought them to me.


This month I went to the cinema multiple times for once which is pretty rare for me these days since the cinema is pricey and I am a student. I have two favourite films just because I can’t seem to decide on just one, firstly Christopher Robin was a firm favourite despite having some flaws because it was just too cute. The message was sweet and the animals even sweeter so what’s not to love about that. My other favourite only came out about a week ago and that was the spy who dumped me. Now, I love Kate Mckinnon and she does not disappoint at all in this film; joined by Mila Kunis they make a surprisingly good comedic duo and deliver joke after joke in such a brilliant way. At some points the script did fall a little but mostly overall it did prove to be a hilarious take on spy films.


Now the round of entertainment will be a lot bigger than usual since it isn’t just addressing what I’ve been binging on Netflix since I’ve reignited my enjoyment for a tech-based form of entertainment. In the form of apps, I’ve been really enjoying playing pokemon go again. Now I know, it’s pretty lame now compared to when it first came out, but having the generation of pokemon available to catch that I had on my Gameboy makes it better. The new features of trading and raids also make the game a lot more interactive with friends, I just find it a shame that the game didn’t release these features from the offset since it would have stayed a lot bigger for longer if it had done so.

In the way of Netflix I’ve been really enjoying crime based shows, my favourite being whitechapel. Whitechapel is a fairly old show in the way of what’s new on Netflix since it’s an itv drama from 2008, but it’s so good! The first series centres around a copycat killer of Jack the Ripper and it’s one of the most gripping shows I’ve binged for a while, in one day I got through two series of it and I don’t have a single regret about it!


My favourite blogs this month haven’t so much been particular posts but blogs that I’ve enjoyed reading week after week. Those blogs I would have to say are Ruthinrevolt and Jennyinneverland, the posts from these two women are so well written that their blogs are honestly a joy to read. Not only that, they are such lovely people, the kind of people that really stand out in the blogging community for just being kind. I’ve only interacted with them over twitter and in facebook groups, but if there is anything you take from this post to try out or do then I recommend it’s giving these lovely ladies a follow.