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My First Time...

Sunday, 5 August 2018

I thought I’d carry on the over-done youtube and blog post formats that I set by doing a favourites post by doing a tag as my next post. This tag hits clickbait on the nose with its title of the first time, but I think we all know by now it’s not a blow by blow documentation of how the creator lost their virginity. I saw this tag on JennyinNeverland’s blog a few weeks ago and just thought it seemed like a fun way to get to know the person behind the blog. Who doesn’t love a tag every now and then anyway? Let’s crack on with the questions.

First app you check when you wake up in the morning?

Usually twitter unless I’ve gotten notifications throughout the night which in that case, I’ll go for whatever app has given me news throughout the night. At the moment though it’s a toss up between twitter or Instagram.

First broken bone?

My first and only broken bone was rather a dramatic one since I fell down the stairs and cracked my skull open at the end of my first year of uni. Other than that hopefully I don’t break any others in my lifetime.

First foreign country you ever visited?

Belgium when I was 13 on a school trip to the battlefields!

My first make-up item?

I had a few of the really cheap glittery lipglosses you could buy in claire’s, my favourite one was a clear sparkly one that tasted like watermelon. Other than that maybe this fluorescent pink nail polish that I bought one holiday, all I can say is it is the brightest thing I’ve ever had in my collection.

My first tape or cd?

A lot of the tapes and cds I had were ones I shared with my sisters so technically I had quite the collection. The first album I bought myself though was either Ellie Goulding Lights or Lady Gaga the Fame Monster

My First Car?

I still don’t have my driving license so I’ve never even owned a car!

My First celebrity crush?

I had a massive crush on Tom Felton, although this is from the fourth film onwards since that’s when I started noticing not all boys are gross.

My first cooking experience?

The first meal I learned to cook was spaghetti Bolognese because I used to help my mum cook on Monday’s after school and this was the first one I fully grasped the recipe for.

My first ever boyfriend/girlfriend?

Official was a guy called Tom when I was 16, we dated for about 4 months before deciding it wasn’t working. Not the most interesting story but I don’t remember having any relationships in primary school that ended in a fake wedding on the playground, 7 year olds are so full on I swear! Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

My first ever mobile phone?

My sister’s old Nokia 3410 so I could play games like snake, the one my parents bought me was a metallic blue slide up one from Vodafone.

My first fear?

Heights! Still wary of them now but I’m a lot better than I used to be when I was a kid, just don’t take me anywhere with a height that feels unstable or I freak since I think a final destination-esque death is imminent.

My first internet activity?

Stardoll paperdoll, it started out as just dressing the celebrities when my friend introduced me to it. Fastforward a few months and I had the four room suite with a well dressed avatar, I was addicted!

My first language?

English – my first but not my only since I speak some French too!

My first musical instrument?

I had guitar lessons when I was 9, but since I didn’t practice and didn’t enjoy it much I gave it up within a year.

My first pet?

A goldfish called Rhapsody after a fairy on my favourite VHS tape!

My first tattoo?

I don’t have any yet but I have an idea planned for one that I’ll try and book in when I have the money to actually get it

My first soft toy?

A little knitted rabbit called tulip since someone made a set of 3 to give one to me and my sisters. All of the rabbits were pre-named to go with the colour of their dungarees, my first toy I can remember buying and naming was a doll called Able. She was supposed to be Anabel but sadly 2 year old me couldn’t quite pronounce that.

My first thought today?

Why did I drink so much last night… I was very hungover

My first time on a ship?

If we mean boats in general I went on a ferry to the isle of Wight on holiday when I was about 7 or 8 I think. An actual ship though coincidentally was on the same holiday since we went to visit Nelson’s victory which triggered a phase of my childhood where Admiral Horatio Nelson actually became my hero…

The first book I remember reading?

Either the chronicles of Narnia or Little women. Both of these book series are still firm favourites of mine which is nice.

The first concert I attended?

Muse in 2012 who were coincidentally the second concert I went to which was the following year for their stadium tour.

The first film I remember seeing?

I don’t remember this one although I’ve been told it was Rugrats in Paris.

The first person I talked to today?

My sister Katrina.

The first text I sent today?

One to my mum telling her we’d just left to go home.

The first thing I do every morning?

Check my phone

The first thing I do when I get home?

Take off my shoes and put the kettle on

The first time I ever got drunk?

In Cornwall on a group holiday, I’d just been on medication so my tolerance was shockingly low… I got drunk from drinking half a bottle of cider, I can safely say my tolerance has become a lot better now!

If you want to do the tag then just go ahead, but please can you tag me in your answers because I'd love to read them!

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