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July Favourites

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Hey everyone, it’s that time of the month! Not THAT time of the month but an equally dreaded one for people trying to save money and shy away from blogger recommended products. That’s right, I’m coming at you with a favourites post! Without further ado, enjoy or don’t enjoy reading about what I’ve been loving in the month of July.


In the way of fashion I haven’t bought many additions to my closet this month due to wanting to start sourcing my clothes more ethically, which I have blogged about before in the past. Despite this though, I did cave and buy what are now my favourite pair of shorts that I have ever owned. These shorts were £15 in the Miss Selfridge sale and just add a pop of colour to any outfit; the tailored style too means that they can be dressed up so now I have another potential professional-ish outfit for this dreaded heatwave. The shorts also have a matching light-weight blazer which is in the sale too that I may also have to nab if it’s still there after payday.


I’ve not ventured out to the cinema this month, but I have managed to get round to going to see Incredibles 2. I’m not going to say much about the film because of spoilers just in case people haven’t seen it, but it has a fairly similar dynamic to the first film which works. Easily the funniest part for me was the storyline with Jackjack’s superpowers finally developing, but the film on a whole was really good. In the ways of TV, I’ve been doing a re-watch of Game of Thrones but that’s pretty much it, still very much a favourite though. The ending of filming for the final series prompted the full re-watch making me realise all over again how much I love the wardrobe and drama of the show, although I think my post on the show's wardrobe really illustrated how much I love it...

This month I've also just loved the activity of reading, it's quite a boring favourite to have, but being able to read non-degree orientated books has just been a sheer joy. Having a break from history text analysis and just reading for pleasure has been a nice treat this month, even if I have read one or two books which are history related, it's just been a joy to read for fun!


I’ve really enjoyed reading Abbey’s short series on her holiday to Sorrento, the posts took a new perspective on holiday blogging. Particularly I loved her 8Things you learn on holiday in Sorrento post, original and witty with how it was written, if there is any travel post you should give a read at the moment it’s this one. The other post I loved this month due to how useful I found it was Jamie’s ‘Lessons I’ve learnt as an intern’, this post was incredibly informative and useful to me since I’m applying for internships at the moment. Whilst your there though, just give Jamie’s whole blog a read, like Abbey, her style of writing is original and her variety of content covered in posts is refreshing to read.

Make up

This month’s beauty favourites are the result of a splurge I took into the high end market armed with vouchers I received for my birthday. Naked Heat was the first buy out of the two and out of my comfort zone with eyeshadow shades, I just wanted to try something a little different and boy have I loved experimenting with different looks. The second make up love, again is one of luxury I only dreamed of owning: a charlotte Tilbury lipstick. A far shade away from Glastonberry (the lipstick I’ve been longing to own since Zoella first mentioned it in a video years ago), Hepburn honey is the ultimate nude and a great addition to any lipstick collection. The formulation of the lipstick itself is so creamy and buildable with an amazing stay power throughout the day, minimal lipstick was lost on the rim of my tea mugs so I count that as a win if I’m honest!

So there it is, my month in favourites! I cannot believe how fast July has gone and how hard it was to decide favourite products to write about. What do you think, was blowing my birthday vouchers on make up worth the price? What have you guys been loving this month? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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