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Having the courage to be kind

Wednesday, 18 July 2018
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There’s a line in the live-action Cinderella, her mantra that she lives by, ‘have courage and be kind’ and honestly, it’s one of those film quotes that I think people should live their lives by. I’m assuming everyone does live their life by it though considering how often it appears in calligraphy quote form on pinterest. Just because you have it pinned to a quotes board doesn’t mean you necessarily live by it; being kind is something that should be second nature to us, just doing little things to make others feel better or have a better day.

Little random acts of kindness and selflessness are honestly some of the best things you can do just to improve the mood of others and by extension your overall mood too. Acts of kindness are selfless and can be rather simple since it is the little things that add up, whether that act be taking time to comment on someone’s insta post or donating unwanted clothes to a charity shop. If that person is having a bad day these little smiles and compliments can really help them get through said bad day; even if they’re having a good day the little compliments help. 

Ignoring the fact that just now I literally sounded like a Tesco advert slogan, being kind and carrying out acts of kindness are easier said than done. It’s easy to say you will be a better person tomorrow, you’ll be gracious to the asses that try and put you down, even if it frankly feels like they don’t deserve your kind words. Who knows, maybe next time because of your little smile or compliment, they may be less of an ass next time you see them. As I said though, it’s easier to say you’ll be kind than carry out the kindness. Sometimes you have to have the courage to go beyond the little acts of kindness, not just having courage to boss every aspect of your life.

That courage though is easier to find than finding the courage to take opportunities or try new things. Having the courage to be kind is fairly second nature if you want to be remembered as a good person rather than a stirrer or causer of chaos and drama. It’s the kind words and actions that people remember, of course they remember if you hurt or offend them, but why have that as your memorable trait. In the blogosphere to me, it seems easy to get caught up and lost amongst dramatic or shady tweets between bloggers but you stand out with kind words.


 I always remember, particularly if I’ve had a bad day, the little acts where people have gone out of their way to show kindness to me. I know a little blog comment isn’t someone going 1000 miles out of their way, but it still counts and matters to me as I’m sure it does to many other people.

After giving this a read, I hope you spread little acts of kindness throughout your day to others; whether that be giving a photo a like or smiling at the shop assistant when making your purchases at the till. It’s silly little things, but I promise they will feel better about their day as I’m sure you will too.

Spreading kindness after all takes less energy than spreading hate and negativity. (Yes, I did have a disney princess voice in my head when writing that final sentence, it's just that cutesy)

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