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Autumn Edit

Monday, 9 October 2017

I was going to create a September favourites, then I decided against it. I furthered this decision by rounding the entire idea into autumn favourites, the season of pumpkin and leaves; the only way I am changing this plan is by calling it an autumn edit so I sound that little bit professional in my writing. Anyway, this is my edit of all things autumnal; reasons I love this autumn in particular and hopefully most autumns to follow.
In the life of nature, autumn appears to be the beginning of the end, the wind-down to the year. I always feel it’s a beginning of sorts even if it does sound overly cliché. Autumn marks the start of a new academic year, new challenges and roads paving their way to a future I am uncertain of. I love this though. The idea of decorating a new room and reading hundreds of more passages that help me navigate essays and the degree they are completing.  I suppose that is reason number one as to why I like autumn, for the challenges and mystery it brings by starting off the new academic year.

Into a less cryptic sounding category, fashion is something I adore all year round but this autumn I am truly excited to embrace all that it brings. The autumn trends this year though are heavily supported by me, I mean normally I find something odd in trends that I don’t like but this season I am on board with most. The tailoring of the summer trickling in with the fallen leaves has me in full support, the transition into sleeker lines and smarter shirts has my vote. Although I will always love an autumn knit until my dying day, there’s just something so classic about a white shirt with how you can style it up or down so effortlessly. Here’s a few of the shirts I have been lusting after but sadly cannot afford since I am a poor student with lack of funds.

The other style staple of the season I always adore year in, year out is the heeled boot. Simple and easy to style. This year I want to branch out more from my little shoe box of the plain black boot, embroidery is still in fashion and mixed with footwear has created a truly magnificent combination. I’m hoping to nab a pair with a price not too steep although I do know sadly that the quality won’t be as good, they’ll still be a fun and slightly bold addition to my collection. I mean I’m on board with anything that can make my jeans and jumper look better than they did last week. Not that they looked bad, just that you can only wear the same outfit on a weekly basis so many times…


With makeup, due to a lack of funds, I can’t really say I’ll be experimenting with anything particularly new and brilliant to the season. I’ll stick to my classic dark lip or taupe-y nude with probably a fairly neutral eye and of course cat-eye liner wings. The only addition in the upcoming months will be hand cream and a better lip balm since the changing weather truly hates my skin with how dry it becomes, as it does a lot of other people.


For me, autumn is all about apple and cinnamon, although saying that I’d be pretty happy if someone gave me a crumble no matter the time of year. My breakfast of choice most mornings is a bowl of cinnamon porridge with apple thrown in, (Big surprise there!) filling and warm so I head of to uni in a good mindset.  I’m going to try and bake a little this season too since I’m no longer in halls and therefore don’t take over the only communal space when I do so if I do then recipes might make their way one here...Stay tuned! 


This year I’m trying to make the most of the fact that I’m in London despite my limited funds to explore the labyrinth of the city. With that in mind, this season is all about the long walks in the park, feeling the leaves crunch beneath my boots as I bury my nose further into my scarf. With the topic of exploration, I may even start a London based section on here soon so you too can make the most of London on a student budget. Exploration aside I’m going to try and visit the libraries in the city to study because you can only spend so long in your bedroom doing work, sometimes a slight change in scenery is needed. Stay tuned on these fronts though as who knows where this season will take me for definite.

Anyway, I hope you liked this autumnal based post. What are the things that seem to be shaping up your seasons this year? I’d love to know!

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