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Saturday, 30 September 2017

I am embarrassed by the amount of time I have let slide by since my last post, nearly a month! This post was supposed to go up on Monday, but since this was ready and today's post still needs a little editing you can have a room tour instead. Sorry about the brief death of my blog, and I hope everyone is having a good day.

You’re all probably thinking, I swear she did a post on this not too long ago and that’s true, but like the disorganised person I am, I didn’t do a room tour until I moved out. Well, this is my new room for year 2!! (Well second year since year two makes me sound like I am back in primary school.)

The colour theme of this room was supposed to be grey and pink but with a lack of funds it didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted. I still love it, just sort of wished there were a few more pink accents; I managed to get the cosy vibes down though so I’m happy about that. This year, unlike my halls room, the room came with a double bed instead of a single, making it so much easier to starfish and burrito without falling on the floor. The bed takes up a good proportion of the room, but I’m quite content with the size of the room. I always find it easier to keep smaller rooms tidy for some reason so this probably works better for me.
This is the new addition to the room since I only bought it this week and I assembled it all by myself! It may have taken almost an entire afternoon as well as a thumb injury but I managed it, in white of course so I can attempt to create a flat lay. This year I may even nail a decent one as well as good grades; now that would be an achievement to celebrate. The big window creates a better amount of lighting than my room last year since that room was a fairly long layout – hopefully making my flat lay wish a lot easier.
Another aspect I love about this room is the amount of storage space I have with the addition of my desk to the furniture! I have a fairly big set of drawers and a wardrobe which has shelf space above the clothing rail. Not only that there’s a set of shelves and drawers under the desk too meaning there’s a space for everything I brought with me. The house additionally is well located – only a 20 minute walk from uni and away from the main road as well, which is pretty amazing for London considering the price we pay for it.
As for decoration, I have a little less than last year, but I do want to add to it although I’m not sure what other things I want at the moment. The fairy lights above my bed are probably one of the few elements of the originally planned colour scheme - they may appear to be haphazardly stuck up but I wanted it to look as though the roses were growing. As for the other things I thought they added the personal touches so people would know this is my room without seeing me featured in the photos on my desk.

I hope you all enjoyed this post; I know I certainly enjoy reading other peoples room tour posts. Anyway, this is my crib, probably not worthy of MTV cribs but this is the beesytimes bubble. Tell me in the comments below about what you love about your own rooms or just leave links to your own room tours!

Sorry about the severe lack of posts, I’ll hopefully see you all soon with the next post.
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