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August Favourites

Sunday, 3 September 2017

I had been planning on posting this earlier in the week but between catching up on sleep from my weekend in Edinburgh and working I haven’t gotten round to it. Apologies as now I am behind on content, a break was needed though, just some time to enjoy life and blogging as two separate entities. Leaving this post though has changed the order of things as I thought I would partake in the obligatory, at least once, monthly favourites.

Favourite destinations?

Despite most of my time being dedicated to work this month I have ventured out a handful of times to some phenomenal places; this month I can’t quite choose an overall number one though. Both took place late in the month and over the course of a week, but they are Edinburgh and Highclere Castle. Higclere is better known as Downton abbey though since this is where they filmed all the upstairs scenes, also the home of one of the men who found Tutankhamun;  a beautiful garden and castle steeped in so much history. I highly recommend going even if you didn’t love Downton due to how stunning this place is. The only thing I will say is it is only open at certain times of the year and due to this it’s incredibly busy a lot of the time.

Edinburgh, oh my gosh. What a beautiful city it is? I spent just over 24 hours there, but am itching to go back and see everything I missed, I just found it amazing that as far as capital cities go it felts worlds different from London. There was so much history nestled into one place I was blown away by everything especially as we went on the last weekend of the festival and fringe. Have any of you been to Edinburgh?

Beauty favourite?

My beauty favourite has to be the Too Faced true love palette that I bought in Edinburgh for the price I managed to nab it at! The true love palette is my second piece of make up purchased from this brand; the first being the chocolate bar palette which I reviewed a few weeks ago. Spotting this palette in a TKMaxx in Edinburgh for £15 it was immediately in both mine and my friends’ basket, the ultimate beauty steal I have made this year. The pigmentation, like most other products from Too Faced is outstanding and with the range of colours included in it so many looks can be created. From this mini first impression paragraph you can probably guess a full review will appear on here once I have had time to really explore the palette.


Instead of narrowing this down to an album I have had on constant repeat, I thought a mini ten track playlist would be better. It alludes to the idea that I listen to a variety, then you get recommended a variety so eventually we all become happy campers singing round the fire.

I saw very few films this month just because I didn’t have the time or funds to go too often, cue a moment to reminisce to when the cinema cost less than nearly a tenner. That aside, Atomic blonde was amazing; think a female John Wicke with just as much violence. If well choreographed brutal fight scenes are not your thing then maybe miss this one, I just found it incredibly refreshing to have a female action film where the lead wasn’t at all sexualized. There is some sexiness to it, it would be hard not to have any with Charlize Theron as a lead, but it’s well done and not overly used to drive the plot. I recommend the other film I saw as well as the hitman’s bodyguard was just too funny to not mention. Just go and see all the films you want without looking at your bank balance.

I couldn’t decide a fashion favourite for this month which is why that isn’t featuring on here, but I am sure I will probably have one in September. Goodbye summer and hello autumn, let’s see what you have in store. What were your favourite things this month, comment them below.
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