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Making your halls a home

Saturday, 19 August 2017
Bedding and Cushion are from Dunelm

The next instalment in my university advice series isn’t about whilst you’re there, it’s the bit that comes before. You’ve collected your results, you have a place and now you need to prepare yourself for the big move to wherever you have gotten into. Choosing a theme for your room is hard enough, I mean most people I know want
ed a set colour scheme at least to brighten up the basic layout halls give you, here is a basic idea of of a room in Pooley house so you can plan ahead how much you wish to bring with you.


Surprisingly, or at least it was surprising to me since I don’t live near an Asda, but George do lovely homeware. Not all of the asda stores stock it so it is pro
bably best to order what you want exactly online, but their range is brilliant. All of the items available are cost efficient and good quality meaning providing there are no colossal mishaps, they should last you through first year at least. They have quite a range of wares available at George so it is worth having a look as it’s vital to get the best value for money when shopping for uni as you need so much.


I think any prospective student knows the true worth of wilko, from stationery to kitchenware they stock everything you need. I have bought a few homeware pieces from wilko in the past, but I find they really tick the boxes for uni essentials people don’t tell you that you need, but need just as much as a laptop. It’s on my list below, but it deserves a special mention in the paragraph as it really saves you a good amount of money, a clothes horse. In first year as you don’t need to pay for heating these become a godsend (and make your room smell fantastic) as you can dry your clothes easily without the added cost of tumble drying.

Dunelm usually do some brilliant student offers and have everything you need for university, apart from the grades. (This was the slogan of their ad campaign last year, to clarify I am not just being incredibly bias towards them.) Not only carrying gorgeous and great quality bedding; they also offer the duvets and pillows needed to sleep on, you could opt for a student set most unis offer although apparently the pillows aren’t nearly as nice. Similar to George, it is worth having a look online as there are wares such as certain beddings that you can only get online, meaning you get the full selection of choice. Dunelm also have a weekly draw for a £150 gift card at the moment to make that big move a little cheaper, reducing the strain on the bank balance it may cause.
Obviously there are plenty of other stores such as Primark who do great affordable homeware. They’ve also brought out their new Harry Potter range too, just in time for you to enroll and catch the Hogwarts express!!  More expensive shops like Marks and Spencer do beautiful cushions and décor I’d take with me in a heartbeat, but this post was just to show you that nice room décor is possible without breaking the bank. It is also worth taking a look on pinterest as there’s a lot of great room inspiration on there, I also have a pinterest board with ideas for my room this year if you’d like few styles that I’d love for my room.

I just love decorating my room and finding things that would look good in it. What’s your favourite thing to shop for in homeware?
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