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What Westeros wears

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Winter is coming, well not quite yet but autumn is soon especially with how the weather has been recently here. Weather musings aside, what summer has brought us is the latest series of Game of Thrones and it has not disappointed so far. Inspired partly by a post Abbeylouisarose wrote a few weeks ago where she created a Disney princess look book, I thought I would do the same for some of the women of Westeros.

Daenerys Targaryen
The mother of dragons would always have her dragons near, which is why I opted for the three dragon charm necklace. (I originally found some brilliant dragon slippers but they aren’t something you can really wear everyday or outside in general...)  This season she’s moved further away from blue colour schemes and steered more towards the Targaryen blacks and reds as part of patriotic house pride. For this look you’ll master military tactic with a military inspired jacket to cover this fiery red dress. For accessories you’ll always hold your dragons dear with them being present as necklace charms, as for the studded boots they tell a tale of a challenging house no one should underestimate. Cersei needs to watch out as with the unsullied and this outfit you could take the crown tomorrow.

Cersei Lannister

Ah the reigning queen of Westeros, it is known by all that Cersei would not wear anything less than designer. For the sake of this being an attainable look book though I am going to ignore this and begin with crown themed accessories for the woman who longs to have the ruling power. You’ll have the roaring Lannister presence with a bright red lip colour and gold earrings to demonstrate the wealth overflowing from Casterly Rock. An understated red dress brings the look to a royal finish; you’ve got to look practical but powerful in your role as queen after all.

Margaery Tyrell

The rose amongst thorns. I can assure you’ll be ‘Growing Strong’ with this Tyrell floral inspired ensemble. As queen I’ve kept a professional element as an undertone with a pencil skirt and rose embroidered shirt, however with a playful persona like Margaery a bodysuit is a must for any meeting when worn under a blazer. Stilettos tie the outfit together with a heel as sharp as the famed wit of the Tyrell women, even if the wit is more famed with Olenna than with Margaery.

Arya Stark

With needle by her side she is the master of disguise. You won’t need an actual sword to complete this look with the tiny charm on the simple string bracelet with a quote from an earlier season that still drives Arya’s character. The practicality of the short dungarees paired with converse means you could ride to kingslanding or Winterfell if you really wanted to. Finish the look with a powerful slogan tee to show people you aren’t just no one.

Sansa Stark

Winter is coming, and with the boots you’ll be more prepared for it than most. Sansa Stark is a character I would have initially dressed in girly hues with a fashionable cut due to her want for a good marriage like any lady to be. With her character shift in the later series I have found darker coloured dresses to compliment her persona, that still hold the girly undertones she has personally despite her new place in understanding the game of thrones.  The necklace finishes the touch of house pride running through the women in this post as all Sansa actually wants is to have her remaining family at home.

Who is your favourite game of thrones character? Do you think you’d wear an outfit inspired by them?
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