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Wednesday, 23 August 2017
“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”-Coco Chanel

I am writing this post in the dead of night before getting up at 2am to take my sister to the airport; is this a good idea? We’ll see. It was started in one of those eureka I thought of that moments, that  moment where  no matter how much you jot it down in your trusty planning notebook it needs to be started. That’s where I’m left, starting a post on an idea I am quite passionate about, I have no idea if I’ll finish it before I need to sleep but we will have to see.

Fashion has always been a place of self-expression and opinion, it has always been a place to demonstrate your loves and style. Bearing this in mind and the current political discourse that encompasses the globe; I thought a post of showcasing your political beliefs through clothing was needed more than a written f**k you to President Trump. After all, why shouldn’t you showcase all your passionate thoughts and feelings through your wardrobe? These aren't necessarily on trend but they are just small ways you can help causes if you wanted to show your views or support openly.

The slogan tee

Ah the trusty tee that is a staple in my wardrobe and now not just for cutesy unicorn puns, although these are still a strong favourite of mine. This year slogan t shirts have become key in designers showcasing their want for change in the treatment of groups or subtle digs at the political leaders in power. The slogan tees I love at the moment are the ones empowering women and feminist ideas that have become a staple in most stores this year. They’ve been seen on catwalk and high street alike which is amazing as it demonstrates how much everyone is striving for equality.

Fashion for a cause

This one is a more subdued form of showing your support to causes and doesn’t necessarily show a political message, but a message of help and change. Many companies produce pieces of clothing where the proceeds go towards a good cause, and by buying the clothes you can help the proceeds. This summer I wanted to go and volunteer in the Calais refugee camps, but didn’t have the funds; obviously this isn’t as direct with helping but as Tesco says every little helps. It isn’t as political as blowing up a giant pig behind the white house, it helps though and it shows that you support these charities.
Grenfell proceeds t shirt  Choose love refugee clothing site

Be more ethical

This won’t appear political at all to most, but in a small way you help pave a path towards a more ethical based wardrobe. I can put my hand on my heart and honestly say that I still continue to peruse and purchase from stores so I don’t have a entirely ethical wardrobe but I do have some more friendly pieces. Being ethical though doesn’t just mean going to the odd charity shop, local businesses need help too. Shopping from local shops with open missions clears the conscience that little bit as they are usually sweatshop free! I’m planning on doing a charity shop haul when I go back to university so if I have a successful shopping trip then I’ll post my finds on here.

Party colour palettes

Now this one is here more as a joke than anything else as why would you want your wardrobe to be entirely one colour? If you want to vote dressed as your party though this paragraph is for you; each party has a colour so why not don it to show your support? Red roses for labour, blue hues for conservatives, orange, purple, green! The choices are endless, although only a silent nod of the cap so the anonymity remains. The secret ballot remains that even if the red lip your rockin is smokin’ for a party.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this slightly more obscure post, what do you think of fashion becoming more political?

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