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A Disneyland Dream

Wednesday, 2 August 2017
I’ve wanted to do an outfit post for a while and I thought whilst looking at photos of my trip, what better way to create one than to mix fashion with one of my other favourite things? Disney.

I am a self-confessed Disney addict who longs to be a Disney princess so of course I was over the moon to visit Disneyland Paris as I’d never been before. Instead of writing a mini diary documenting what to do there, I thought it would be better to share what I think are the best places to get princess-worthy instagram shots.

What I am wearing:

Ears: Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary ears
Skirt: Primark

Cropped jumper: Zara (I can’t find a similar one as I bought it 2 years ago but it may be on ebay)
Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger received second hand

Shoes: New Look – SOLD OUT (Similar)

The Castle

It’s a given that if you visit any of the Disney parks, you’ll be after that coveted shot of you in front of the castle. The issue with everyone wanting this, is that there’s always going to be someone in the background of your photo if you want the castle in all its pink and blue glory. In Disneyland Paris there’s a small circular are to the side of the bridge towards the entrance to Maleficent’s cave that is perfect for these photos. The area isn’t straight in front of the castle, but it’s usually empty so you have plenty of time to pose and perfect your royal photoshoot.

Aladdin’s lamp

Near the meet and greet area for Jafar in Adventureland there’s a miniature set up of a few market stalls in Agrabah where the Genie lamp resides on a cushion, this area is brilliant if you want shots with other people. It’s probably best to visit here in the evening as we did since meeting the character time slots are long past, meaning minimal crowds. Again, with the fun set up you can play around a bit more since Disney kindly provide a prop any person wishes to own.

Cinderella’s carriage

Just behind the restaurant Auberge de Cindrillon lurks Cinderella’s carriage, a mode of transport I’d choose in a heartbeat over the latest Ferrari. Unlike the one in the London Disney store you cannot go in it, but you can take gorgeous photos pretending you are arriving at the ball. It was quite overcast the day we went to Disney so the seating area was empty, I can’t speculate how busy it would be on a nice day but it is worth finding this spot to see the carriage alone.

The wishing well

There’s a wishing well veering off of one of the paths in front of the castle that many people throw coins in, but due to foot traffic this one isn’t too quiet. The well in the Cindrillon restaurant courtyard has the fantasyland buildings in the background so in a way it looks like you’ve been papped in Belle’s provincial town. I think this was one of my favourite places out of the four I’ve listed, just, as it carried the most fairytale magic, although all of the locations are fun to play about with and create the best photos worthy of any princess.

 What do you think of my locations, if you've been to Disney land are there any places you love to take  photos at?

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