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The Castle Queen

Saturday, 5 August 2017
What I am wearing; Dress- H&M

Ah Versailles, the palace I have longed to visit since it appeared in a doctor who episode that aired when I was 7. Fast forward 12 years and the history student was still just as excited to visit, but to view the grandeur and the gardens. It also fulfilled the quota of a palace for my inner princess, although I think it’s a bit too much for my taste in housing.

I probably should have snapped a few more photos than I did for this post, but I loved Versailles so much that I wanted to write this anyway. (Apologies for the text to photo ratio.) The day started off beautifully, the sun shining with a break from the rain we had experienced so far on our trip. The weather was so beautiful for this small portion of the day that I managed to get sunburnt from standing outside for an hour, a reason why I should always remember sun cream.

Now due to this hour spent outside in the queue, I recommend you spend an entire day at Versailles just so you get to see everything the palace has to offer. Similar to most major attractions when you visit anywhere, there is quite a long queue to get in although it does move fairly quickly. This is a bit of a sidetrack, but like the Louvre, as I mentioned in this post, EU citizens under the age of 26 get free entry to the palace and gardens.

For taking outfit photos, obviously the gardens are the best location due to the natural lighting and gorgeous background they offer you. In the palace it is best to just take photos of the rooms on their own due to the sheer size of the crowd in most rooms. Obviously it would be lovely to get a photo in the hall of mirrors but bear the crowds of tourists in mind that will be in the background, it is flawless though. The hall is worth taking a snap of just as it encompasses the opulence that the palace is famed for and it has such a role in history. It’s where the Treaty of Versailles was signed sealing Germany’s fate following World War one; I was just too excited to be in such a historical place.

Once we finished in the house we sat in the gardens before getting ‘le petit train’ for €7.50 which is the quickest way to travel around them due to how they roll on for miles! The train also stops off at Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon and Grand Canal which are three of the most idyllic spots to snap those dreamy shots in the sun. Unfortunately for us it started raining soon after we left le Grand Trianon so I only managed to get a few outfit photos in that garden.

The grounds are stunning and you can even hire a rowing boat at the Grand Canal to feel even more like you’re living in a French dream! This is definitely a place to add to any list you have of attractions to hit when you visit Paris, there are some great shops on the walk from the train station to the château as well which just add that little extra bit of magic to the day. The palace was fit for a king, but I can certainly say it would also suit a background for many photos of blogger queens! (I know that’s cheesy, but try not to judge me too much for it.)
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