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Why can't I be a disney princess?

Friday, 4 January 2019

When we are younger we dream of other lives. The lives we live when we are grown, those that are heavily influenced by the various worlds we immerse ourselves in. The question I had in my mind throughout my childhood though; why am I not a Disney princess?

I had a sleeping beauty t shirt that I wore everyday to preschool. I had the crowns and dresses.  I still wasn’t a princess though, I lacked the Prince Charming bent down on one knee. Even now I still lack this illustrious status, gone are the dresses I’ve grown out of, the tiaras that broke due to their plastic bases. All that’s left is a student who still has a great adoration for the creations produced by Disney; a student who still wishes she was a Disney princess.

The thing I did realise was that although you can’t be a Disney princess, unless you are so unbelievably talented you are chosen to voice one, you can embrace the idea of them. It sounds incredibly cheesy to say it like that, I know. Nowadays most people look to princesses with a jaded attitude since the originals are underused and rely on their princes too much but I still think there are certain lessons to learn even if Aurora only had 18 lines in Sleeping beauty.

Disclaimer before I continue though. This isn’t a recipe for Prince Charming. If you just want him then it’s worth hitting tinder, you’ll have to peruse through a few pillocks to find the prince though.

The way in my eyes to be a princess though is to embrace the qualities that they embody, don’t change your personality but maybe alter your outlook. Admit you are a bibliophile like Belle, have in-depth debates about who the strongest female characters are in literature. Be proud of what you love and share that love with others, the things that make you happy often make others happy. Allow yourself to dream and wish with goals, then make or try to make them happen. Having a belief in your ideas is a good step to believing in yourself. Beauty lies within, get to know others before making quick judgements. I would even suggest dating yourself for a while so you can find your own inner beauty
If you need time to ponder these personalities when compared to yours then maybe take a nap. Sleeping beauty did it so you can take a break to, I would recommend setting an alarm and not waiting for Philip to arrive though. She only had 18 lines in the film but in Maleficent, she showed you can choose who you love, the prince may wake her up but she has a stronger family with Maleficent. I know the Maleficent film to this day still doesn't have the best reviews but I like the feminist revisionist take on it, that not everyone is inherently evil.

Like Elsa, you can begin to embrace who you are, who you're meant to be; let go of what other people think of you. You don't need your true love to be a man or woman, it doesn't have to be romantic at all. You can love your friends and family, another half is ideal sometimes but just surround yourself with people who make you happiest. Rule a metaphorical kingdom like Arendel, if only my real kingdom would snow and look as pretty though! I'd love to have any of her party dresses though, a ballgown would be lovely to prance around in.
You don’t need a prince to make any of these happen. Moana didn’t have one, yes she had a Demi-God but she was the one who led the adventure. She was the one who saved her island, Maui came in at the end but she stood by her love of the ocean and her beliefs. It was her kindness that made her realise the lava monster was Tefiti, she just had the heart taken from her. It was her belief in others and herself that drove her to give the heart of the ocean back, she believed it was her destiny. There were times when she nearly gave up, but she continued on and not letting the failures defeat you shows you're just as strong as her.

 I’m not saying give the finger to every frog you see just case he’s a prince, just that finding your own inner royalty will help you realise if he is charming. You can also realise that to rule a kingdom you don't need a prince, just good values and a strong head on your shoulders.

What aspects do you think of when embracing your inner princess?

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