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Why can't I be a disney princess?

Sunday, 9 April 2017

When we are younger we dream of other lives. The lives we live when we are grown, those that are heavily influenced by the various worlds we immerse ourselves in. The question I had in my mind throughout my childhood though; why am I not a Disney princess?

I had the sleeping beauty t shirt. I had the crowns and dresses.  I still wasn’t a princess though, I lacked the prince Charming bent down on one knee. Even now I still lack this illustrious status, gone are the dresses I’ve grown out of, the tiaras that broke due to their plastic bases. All that’s left is a student who still has a great adoration for the creations produced by Disney; a student who still deep down wishes she was a Disney princess.
The thing I did realise was that although you can’t be a Disney princess, unless you are so unbelievably talented you are chosen to voice one, you can embrace the idea of them. It sounds incredibly cheesy to say it like that, I know. I hated writing something that cheesy that wasn’t a toastie recipe, but I wrote it.

Disclaimer before I continue though. This isn’t a recipe for prince Charming. If you just want him then it’s worth hitting tinder, you’ll have to peruse through a few pillocks to find the prince though.

The way in my eyes to be a princess though is to embrace the qualities that they embody, don’t change your personality but maybe alter your outlook. Admit you are a bibliophile like Belle, have in-depth debates about who the strongest female characters are in literature. Allow yourself to dream and wish with goals, then make or try to make them happen. Having a belief in your ideas is a good step to believing in yourself. Beauty lies within, get to know others before making brash judgements. I would even suggest dating yourself for a while so you can find your own inner beauty. (Well done me for making a rather cheddar sentence as I did before....)
If you need time to ponder these personalities when compared to yours then maybe take a nap. Sleeping beauty did it, so you can take a break to, I would recommend setting an alarm and not waiting for Philip to arrive though. When you wake up, slay dragons of misogyny, save your family from the Hun and defy all gender roles predetermined by the ideas of who is allowed to join the war. Choose your own prince, fulfil your wonderlust on a flying carpet which also saves so much money on flights. Look at the princesses and then look at yourself, you may not have the voice, you don’t lack anything else for the quota. Submit that CV to Disney and watch yourself become royalty.
You don’t even need a prince to make any of these happen. Moana didn’t have one, yes she had a Demi God but she was the one who led the adventure. He was the dragged along drama queen. I’m not saying give the finger to every frog you see just in case he’s a prince, just that finding your own inner royalty will help you realise if he is charming. He may be just as charming as the prince in Shrek, and no one wants that.

What aspects do you think of when embracing your inner princess?