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Why can't I be a disney princess?

Sunday, 9 April 2017

When we are younger we dream of other lives. The lives we live when we are grown, those that are heavily influenced by the various worlds we immerse ourselves in. The question I had in my mind throughout my childhood though; why am I not a Disney princess?

I had the sleeping beauty t shirt. I had the crowns and dresses.  I still wasn’t a princess though, I lacked the prince Charming bent down on one knee. Even now I still lack this illustrious status, gone are the dresses I’ve grown out of, the tiaras that broke due to their plastic bases. All that’s left is a student who still has a great adoration for the creations produced by Disney; a student who still deep down wishes she was a Disney princess.
The thing I did realise was that although you can’t be a Disney princess, unless you are so unbelievably talented you are chosen to voice one, you can embrace the idea of them. It sounds incredibly cheesy to say it like that, I know. I hated writing something that cheesy that wasn’t a toastie recipe, but I wrote it.

Disclaimer before I continue though. This isn’t a recipe for prince Charming. If you just want him then it’s worth hitting tinder, you’ll have to peruse through a few pillocks to find the prince though.