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Autumn Edit

Monday, 9 October 2017

I was going to create a September favourites, then I decided against it. I furthered this decision by rounding the entire idea into autumn favourites, the season of pumpkin and leaves; the only way I am changing this plan is by calling it an autumn edit so I sound that little bit professional in my writing. Anyway, this is my edit of all things autumnal; reasons I love this autumn in particular and hopefully most autumns to follow.
In the life of nature, autumn appears to be the beginning of the end, the wind-down to the year. I always feel it’s a beginning of sorts even if it does sound overly cliché. Autumn marks the start of a new academic year, new challenges and roads paving their way to a future I am uncertain of. I love this though. The idea of decorating a new room and reading hundreds of more passages that help me navigate essays and the degree they are completing.  I suppose that is reason number one as to why I like autumn, for the challenges and mystery it brings by starting off the new academic year.

Student Room Tour

Saturday, 30 September 2017

I am embarrassed by the amount of time I have let slide by since my last post, nearly a month! This post was supposed to go up on Monday, but since this was ready and today's post still needs a little editing you can have a room tour instead. Sorry about the brief death of my blog, and I hope everyone is having a good day.

You’re all probably thinking, I swear she did a post on this not too long ago and that’s true, but like the disorganised person I am, I didn’t do a room tour until I moved out. Well, this is my new room for year 2!! (Well second year since year two makes me sound like I am back in primary school.)

August Favourites

Sunday, 3 September 2017

I had been planning on posting this earlier in the week but between catching up on sleep from my weekend in Edinburgh and working I haven’t gotten round to it. Apologies as now I am behind on content, a break was needed though, just some time to enjoy life and blogging as two separate entities. Leaving this post though has changed the order of things as I thought I would partake in the obligatory, at least once, monthly favourites.

Fashion Statements

Wednesday, 23 August 2017
“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”-Coco Chanel

I am writing this post in the dead of night before getting up at 2am to take my sister to the airport; is this a good idea? We’ll see. It was started in one of those eureka I thought of that moments, that  moment where  no matter how much you jot it down in your trusty planning notebook it needs to be started. That’s where I’m left, starting a post on an idea I am quite passionate about, I have no idea if I’ll finish it before I need to sleep but we will have to see.

Fashion has always been a place of self-expression and opinion, it has always been a place to demonstrate your loves and style. Bearing this in mind and the current political discourse that encompasses the globe; I thought a post of showcasing your political beliefs through clothing was needed more than a written f**k you to President Trump. After all, why shouldn’t you showcase all your passionate thoughts and feelings through your wardrobe? These aren't necessarily on trend but they are just small ways you can help causes if you wanted to show your views or support openly.

Making your halls a home

Saturday, 19 August 2017
Bedding and Cushion are from Dunelm

The next instalment in my university advice series isn’t about whilst you’re there, it’s the bit that comes before. You’ve collected your results, you have a place and now you need to prepare yourself for the big move to wherever you have gotten into. Choosing a theme for your room is hard enough, I mean most people I know want
ed a set colour scheme at least to brighten up the basic layout halls give you, here is a basic idea of of a room in Pooley house so you can plan ahead how much you wish to bring with you.

Tips to save money at university

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

This isn’t really relevant to me at the moment since I am on my summer break but come mid November with the need to buy Christmas presents looming I am fretting over finances. As a student, and a student in London, this isn’t too uncommon as everything is crazy expensive. Moving on from my financial status most of the year I thought a useful post for prospective university students was helpful ways to save money. Most of these things probably will seem trivial or obvious, but these are just some of the things you can do to budget and save in first year so you aren’t swimming in your overdraft by the summer.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette: Six Month Review

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Equipped with vouchers from Christmas I decided to venture into the realm of Too faced in my local Debenhams as for once I could afford another high end beauty palette. I originally had planned on getting one of the Naked Palettes as I already have a few Urban Decay eye shadows and lipsticks. In a post-New year mindset though I left my beauty comfort zone to try something new.

What Westeros wears

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Winter is coming, well not quite yet but autumn is soon especially with how the weather has been recently here. Weather musings aside, what summer has brought us is the latest series of Game of Thrones and it has not disappointed so far. Inspired partly by a post Abbeylouisarose wrote a few weeks ago where she created a Disney princess look book, I thought I would do the same for some of the women of Westeros.

The Castle Queen

Saturday, 5 August 2017
What I am wearing; Dress- H&M

Ah Versailles, the palace I have longed to visit since it appeared in a doctor who episode that aired when I was 7. Fast forward 12 years and the history student was still just as excited to visit, but to view the grandeur and the gardens. It also fulfilled the quota of a palace for my inner princess, although I think it’s a bit too much for my taste in housing.

I probably should have snapped a few more photos than I did for this post, but I loved Versailles so much that I wanted to write this anyway. (Apologies for the text to photo ratio.) The day started off beautifully, the sun shining with a break from the rain we had experienced so far on our trip. The weather was so beautiful for this small portion of the day that I managed to get sunburnt from standing outside for an hour, a reason why I should always remember sun cream.

Now due to this hour spent outside in the queue, I recommend you spend an entire day at Versailles just so you get to see everything the palace has to offer. Similar to most major attractions when you visit anywhere, there is quite a long queue to get in although it does move fairly quickly. This is a bit of a sidetrack, but like the Louvre, as I mentioned in this post, EU citizens under the age of 26 get free entry to the palace and gardens.

For taking outfit photos, obviously the gardens are the best location due to the natural lighting and gorgeous background they offer you. In the palace it is best to just take photos of the rooms on their own due to the sheer size of the crowd in most rooms. Obviously it would be lovely to get a photo in the hall of mirrors but bear the crowds of tourists in mind that will be in the background, it is flawless though. The hall is worth taking a snap of just as it encompasses the opulence that the palace is famed for and it has such a role in history. It’s where the Treaty of Versailles was signed sealing Germany’s fate following World War one; I was just too excited to be in such a historical place.

Once we finished in the house we sat in the gardens before getting ‘le petit train’ for €7.50 which is the quickest way to travel around them due to how they roll on for miles! The train also stops off at Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon and Grand Canal which are three of the most idyllic spots to snap those dreamy shots in the sun. Unfortunately for us it started raining soon after we left le Grand Trianon so I only managed to get a few outfit photos in that garden.

The grounds are stunning and you can even hire a rowing boat at the Grand Canal to feel even more like you’re living in a French dream! This is definitely a place to add to any list you have of attractions to hit when you visit Paris, there are some great shops on the walk from the train station to the château as well which just add that little extra bit of magic to the day. The palace was fit for a king, but I can certainly say it would also suit a background for many photos of blogger queens! (I know that’s cheesy, but try not to judge me too much for it.)

A Disneyland Dream

Wednesday, 2 August 2017
I’ve wanted to do an outfit post for a while and I thought whilst looking at photos of my trip, what better way to create one than to mix fashion with one of my other favourite things? Disney.

I am a self-confessed Disney addict who longs to be a Disney princess so of course I was over the moon to visit Disneyland Paris as I’d never been before. Instead of writing a mini diary documenting what to do there, I thought it would be better to share what I think are the best places to get princess-worthy instagram shots.

What I am wearing:

Ears: Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary ears
Skirt: Primark

Cropped jumper: Zara (I can’t find a similar one as I bought it 2 years ago but it may be on ebay)
Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger received second hand

Shoes: New Look – SOLD OUT (Similar)

The Castle

It’s a given that if you visit any of the Disney parks, you’ll be after that coveted shot of you in front of the castle. The issue with everyone wanting this, is that there’s always going to be someone in the background of your photo if you want the castle in all its pink and blue glory. In Disneyland Paris there’s a small circular are to the side of the bridge towards the entrance to Maleficent’s cave that is perfect for these photos. The area isn’t straight in front of the castle, but it’s usually empty so you have plenty of time to pose and perfect your royal photoshoot.

Aladdin’s lamp

Near the meet and greet area for Jafar in Adventureland there’s a miniature set up of a few market stalls in Agrabah where the Genie lamp resides on a cushion, this area is brilliant if you want shots with other people. It’s probably best to visit here in the evening as we did since meeting the character time slots are long past, meaning minimal crowds. Again, with the fun set up you can play around a bit more since Disney kindly provide a prop any person wishes to own.

Cinderella’s carriage

Just behind the restaurant Auberge de Cindrillon lurks Cinderella’s carriage, a mode of transport I’d choose in a heartbeat over the latest Ferrari. Unlike the one in the London Disney store you cannot go in it, but you can take gorgeous photos pretending you are arriving at the ball. It was quite overcast the day we went to Disney so the seating area was empty, I can’t speculate how busy it would be on a nice day but it is worth finding this spot to see the carriage alone.

The wishing well

There’s a wishing well veering off of one of the paths in front of the castle that many people throw coins in, but due to foot traffic this one isn’t too quiet. The well in the Cindrillon restaurant courtyard has the fantasyland buildings in the background so in a way it looks like you’ve been papped in Belle’s provincial town. I think this was one of my favourite places out of the four I’ve listed, just, as it carried the most fairytale magic, although all of the locations are fun to play about with and create the best photos worthy of any princess.

 What do you think of my locations, if you've been to Disney land are there any places you love to take  photos at?

A week in Paris

Sunday, 30 July 2017
“Paris is always a good idea.” –Audrey Hepburn
Oh Paris! This trip was phenomenal, honestly the city is breathtaking. The getaway was planned in the most spontaneous fashion with a best friend, but was simply magical. I’ve been back less than 24 hours and I am already sitting down to write this so I can rave about it to even more people. I thought I’d create a few posts on guides to the city, although I expect most have probably already been there.


First Year University Room Tour

Saturday, 3 June 2017

This week I started my final two weeks living in my university halls on campus, so naturally I decided that this would be the best time to do a room tour. It’s your standard student halls room though so I doubt it will be much different from any other first year. Apart from the fact that I have my fridge in here and not in the kitchen, with nine people living in one flat though it makes sense for space. It’s also amazing for snacking when pulling all nighters. 

Without further ado, hi this is Julia and welcome to my crib. Just imagine I have sunglasses on and am waving my arms around to showcase the grand entrance to room i.
This is the view from my doorway, to the right is my bathroom, I won’t take you in there though because it isn’t very interesting. From here you can see out of my window too, and I am lucky enough to have a view of canary wharf due to living on the fourth floor. I love this view, especially at sunset; it really just immersed me in the city from the day I moved in.
As you can see plastic pockets save my paper organisation
My desk is fairly big which was fantastic for when I needed to lay out all my books and notes to write essays. I will admit that it is only when my exams finished that my desk became this clean, during that period it was a sea of papers and flashcards. Fingers crossed the studying paid off. It has the generic pinboard backing that I think most halls have. Above my desk I have two shelves, one to house my tsum tsums (I do have more back home) and books. Most folders have returned home so imagine this shelf a bit more bulging.
I have spilt too much tea on this bedding, might need a new set..
The right hand shelf carries most of my cute decor, just funko figures, a tangled figurine and a cactus named Geoff. The purple skull my friend got me, Billy (the skull) normally rocks a Russian hat but today I am using him to keep sunglasses and hair accessories safe. He’s pretty much dressed for a festival with the flowercrown.
A close up look of my shelves - let me know if you'd like a tsum tsum or funko collection post
My duvet probably looks a little odd but that’s because it’s a double on a single bed, you can’t burrito as easily in a single duvet after all. Above it are tickets and photos from places I’ve been to over the last few years, and a celestial chart I bought in paperchase.

Posters and assorted pins on my bag
The tour finally concludes on the last wall of posters and decor; no room of mine would be complete without a cute Disney area. The miscellaneous next bit is a collection of fanart and postcards mainly, with Kylo Ren towering over it all. I’d love to hear your recommendations on places to get nice postcards or if you’d like to exchange one because as you can see I am starting a little collection.
The last of the prints and decor

This is the first and last time you will see this room properly on here so I hope you enjoyed the tour of my room!

Feistiest Females in Fiction

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Source: https://unsplash.com/search/books?photo=_M-DrbiNFa4

You’re probably going to hate this format as once again I am opting for a list style post. Well list in the sense of the word that I’ve numbered the paragraphs to separate each character, but I would say this is probably a little longer than your average shopping list. I will say though that if your shopping list is in fact this long you are probably over-describing that lovely bag of apples.

I’ve gone off topic again to form a useless paragraph but we are going to roll with it as I am allowed to ramble slightly here since I’m not being graded. At least, I hope I’m not anyway.. It is international women’s day today so I thought to commemorate this fact, I would show you who I think are the feistiest females in the books I have read over the years. Even if they are not the dictionary definition of feisty, they are strong in each of their own rights. This post was originally going to be women who I admire throughout history but that list would have been much harder to edit. I do warn, if I can decide a select few then it probably will feature on here. For now though, here are some brilliant characters who have inspired and or impacted me over the years in fiction.

Lucy Pevensie- The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe

I cannot stress how much I love these books in general, but the youngest Pevensie sibling always seemed to strike a chord within me. If anyone dared insult her in front of me I would defend her to the end of time because she never lost belief. Out of all the Pevensie siblings, she was the one throughout the Chronicles of Narnia who never stopped believing in Aslan or Narnia. Despite her brother denying its existence right when she first finds it and he follows her. She is never shaken in her belief despite growing up in war, she never loses her good heart or faith. If that isn’t amazing, I don’t know what is.

Anna- When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

Again, she is probably not the most conventional character to appear on a list of strong girls, but the semi-autobiographical nature of Judith Kerr’s book speaks for itself. Anna is uprooted at the age of 9 when Hitler’s rise to power forces her family to leave Germany due to their Jewish background and her father’s criticism of the fuhrer. Anna as a character doesn’t do anything groundbreaking in the sense of showing power as a woman but she continues to live and adapt. The trilogy follows her through the hardships of having to leave everything behind, being forced to mould to a world where you’re a refugee with nothing. Her family’s move to me speaks volumes of strength and as she is the principle character she has stayed with me since I first read this with my mum at the age of 8.

Lizzie Bennett- Pride and Prejudice
Ah, yes, finally we have one of the usual suspects arising from this jumbled mess of type I like to call a post. A woman who is strong, incredibly smart and headstrong; who knows her own mind and what she wants in life. This itself, is a fantastic narrative as it is from a time where headstrong women were few and far between in a way. Well, at least that is how people wanted it to be. Yeah, you can say she married her Darcy so surely that undermines her. No, because in a time when women couldn’t inherit without marriage she insulted her eligible candidate. Good news was though, he turned out to be a fan of quick wit.

Hermione Granger- Harry Potter series

Again, another obvious choice. The girl who made it okay to work hard, who made it fine to enjoy learning. Of course, other girls did this too but who wouldn’t want to be like a bad ass who goes to a bloody magic school? She found acceptance with 2 friends who didn’t give a shit that she was clever. (Unless they needed help with history of magic) She punched pretty boy Draco Malfoy, nuff said.

Jo and Beth March- Little women

I love her. Well I love all the girls on this list so much but since reading Little women, again with my mum at about the age of 7, I have loved Jo March. She was argumentative, impulsive; so loyal to her family that she cut her gorgeous long hair off to get them money. People argue that she isn’t strong because she bowed to society and married in the end, but the professor wasn’t who you expected. She married out of her own choice to, not because she had to marry her best friend to keep everyone else happy. Whilst we are on the topic of little women actually, I am just going to mention I love Beth just as much as Jo. She is strong in her own respect despite being vastly different to her sister. She is the peacemaker of the sisters, a character no one can ever hate. Beth has a heart of gold and I dare you to say otherwise.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this more bookish post. I may even do another one because obviously I love more characters than just these 5. I strongly recommend all the books they come from, so give them a read and see if you agree with me. Happy international women’s day!!

Book Review It's Kind Of A Funny Story

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Sorry about the lack of posts, but I have been very ill recently and I have my exams coming up so there has been little time for blogging. Once my health is sorted though I am planning to write a few posts in advance so my blog stays updated.

I haven't done a book post in a while so I thought it was time to update you on my recent reads. Saying that I finished this book a month ago but in my opinion a month is still recent so we're going with it. Moving along, I saw the film adaptation of this before I read the book which I know is a sin to most readers but hey ho I read it so who cares?

The film stars Emma Roberts, Zach Galifianakis Keir Gilchrist and is enjoyable as a stand alone, although it isn't the best adaptation of the book. Then again, there are hardly any films which are carbon copies of the books they are based on; we will ignore this train of thought though or I'll ramble on about the likes of Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.

The book is centred around 16-year-old Craig Gilner and his stay in a psychiatric hospital, the people he meets there as he fights depression. The reason I love this book so much is because of how raw it is, that it deals with peer pressure and the issues teens face with the pressure they are under at school. Initially, the book was a little slow to start as it sets out Craig's life to show the reader why he he ends up in the psychiatric hospital.

I love how well written the characters are and that it is one of the few books, that I have read at least, which addresses that depression can happen to people even if they do have the textbook version of a 'good life'. It's inspiring as it shows there is hope as by getting help, Craig finds people who make him want to be better. He finds people who inspire him to do what he wants even though it's completely different from the path he is currently on. He finds there, what makes him happier and will hopefully make him better. It's not filled with sadness too, surprisingly this book does have quite a few amusing moments that had me laughing to myself more than once. I think that's what is good about it, it isn't some doomed romance or a pit that it is virtually impossible to escape. It's just a coming of age novel that addresses the stresses teens are actually under these days. It's realistic as Vizzini based some ideas of it on his own stay in a psychiatric hospital.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes the style of writing of John Green as it is a fairly similar pace to his novels. As I said though, that for the first few chapters at least, this is a book you do have to stick with but it is worth it when you finish it.

One of my favourite parts of the book is actually the last paragraph. It urges you to live, despite feeling like sometimes you can't. It just puts everything into perspective, that despite the all kinds of shit your life might be right now it won't always be shit. You aren't worthless or an idiot. Those are just labels you're applying to you and no one else agrees. If they do then fuck them! They aren't worthy enough to be in your life. Today might be crap but tomorrow might be better. Live for the next day, the next week, the next year. Just Live.