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Travel With Me To... Moscow

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Hello, and welcome to another installment of my travels! Two in one week? Wow, I seem to explore more than Dora... or maybe I just visited two cities in one school trip. That one is more likely, I mean I speak better french than I do Spanish so I doubt I could even challenge Dora the explorer. Moving on... after a folk show aptly named 'feel yourself Russian' which was brilliant despite earning a few giggles from us at the name we took an overnight train. After an almost 8 hour train journey, hardly any sleep and hitting my head on the ceiling more than once, we were in Moscow.

The Kremlin is above, the last Russian leader to actually live in the Kremlin was Stalin, but all of the rulers after the downfall of the Romanov dynasy have worked here. The weather was pretty good on the thursday which allowed for great photos that gave the city a beauty that you can only see when the sun is out.
 This, and the photo below are of the gates into Red Square. They aren't the original gates though as the Soviet Union tore those down in order to allow transport of tanks into the square for military parades.
 Here is the Russian changing of the guard outside of the Kremlin, I made an executive decision watching this that it wouldn't be a good idea to try and make them laugh like you do with the guards in London. I think that was a clever choice on my behalf.
 St Basil's Cathedral, when I saw this I think my head actually materialised into the real life version of the heart eyes emoji. It was so stunning with the colours and the details, I can kind of see why Ivan IV didn't want any other country to have a cathedral like this.

 Moscow Metro, or a palace to the people. It was designed as a place of luxury by the soviets as everyone is equal so the luxury should be shared by everyone. Each stop celebrates a different part of the empire, even the chandaliers at each station are different!

 Again, another photo of the Metro... this is a station which is just decorated with bronze statues of famous soviet civillians. Apparently it's lucky to rub the nose of the dog below, so naturally we all stroked the fake dog.

A cathedral on Cathedral square in the Kremlin, in one of the Cathedrals all of the Tsars until Peter the Great and those after him are buried here. Across the square is the oldest Cathedral in the Kremlin where all Tsars were crowned ruler of Russia, as you can see the weather wasn't too great on the friday. We got snow.... but it was flippen freezing.

I bought so much souvenir wise so maybe I'll do a random Russia haul as the things don't really fit into a specific category. Unless you count my adorable Russian doll set which could go in homeware... sidenote Russian dolls are expesive!

I hope you enjoyed my whistle stop tour of Moscow, and once again these aren't all of my photos, but a few. I really recommend visiting there as it is such an experience because of the beauty of it all, and that it's a completely different culture. Hoped you like the photos!