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Thirteen Thoughts Of A Year 13

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Sorry for the photo, the lighting was awful...

Now if you follow me on Twitter then there is a good chance you have seen me complaining or mentioning about various things that happen during my day. Now I go to sixth form and as a year 13, I am in the oldest year of the school. (I'm king of the world *pretends to be Leo Di Caprio in Titanic*)

1. This class has been going on for ages, surely it's nearly over *checks time* WHAT? It's only been 13 minutes, has time stopped? I guess I'll check again in a bit.... 21 minutes? Well, only 39 minutes to go. Ugh.

2. Why are there so many year 7s, do they not know to get out of the way? I swear they multiply everytime you aren't looking.

3.Why is it so cold?

4.I'm hungry, it's got to be lunch soon. I'm starrrrrving. Oh, it's only 11:30?

5. Why is it so hot in here? I mean do you have all of the heating in the department?

6. Why are there year 12s in the year 13 area, it says year 13 for a reason. Study elsewhere.

7. What? The essay is due tomorrow, what's the title again? I lost the sheet...

8.CAKE FRIDAYYYYYYY. Wait, who's baking it next week? We need the cake guys.

9. I am so tired, they should have a nap time here. Just let us sleep for an hour or so.

10.WHY ARE THERE SO MANY LOWER SCHOOL KIDS IN THE CANTEEN? It's a sixth form area. JFC, they took all the curly fries?!

11.My phone is on 44%??? It's only 12:00 though, how am I supposed to revise? *Puts phone on low power mode and prays someone has a charger*

12. I wish we had lockers, my bag weighs the same as a year 7. Pls help me.

13. I don't get this. At all.