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Travel with me to... St Petersburg

Saturday, 27 February 2016
Last week, I went to Russia with the school and despite being flipping cold it was amazing. Although apparently it was warm enough for a woman to sunbathe in a bikini... even though she was stood next to a frozen river and it was -1 degrees. Shoutout to her for being brave enough to do that when we are all in massive coats and thermals. It was such an amazing experience though as we have studied it in history for the past 6 months, and I recommend it to anyone as a holiday. It was stunning, anyway I went to Moscow too on the trip but as I took so many photos I thought I would split the trip post in two. On a sidenote, if you ever go to St Petersburg then go to the Yusupov Palace, you have to pay to take photos in there so I have no photos of it but it is stunning.

On the first night we went on a tour of St Petersburg, we got to spend time taking photos in Palace square and of course of the phenomenal winter palace. My photos do not do this building any justice, with over 1000 rooms it is every bit as grand as you would expect.
 This is the St Nicholas Epiphany church, still has services every week and we even got to stand in one for a bit. They have no instruments in the Russian Orthodox church and no one sits down, in the 1800s services could be 4 hours long as well! Imagine how dead your legs would be...
 This and the photo below are the church of spilt blood, built on the site where Tsar Alexander ii was assassinated. The entire interior is mosaic, and it's the only truly colourful slavic style building in St Petersburg. As you can see, we even got sun there! This is a big deal as in St Petersburg they only get 45 days of sun a year.

 This is the pulpit in Peter and Paul Cathedral where all of the Russian Tsars and their wives are buried, even Tsar Nicholas ii is buried there. Sadly though, he wasn't allowed to be buried in the main room with the other Tsars as he had abdicated by the time he and his family were murdered. He, his family bar two of children are buried here as those children were not buried with the rest of the family and it took longer to find their remains.
 This is the grand staircase in the Winter palace or the hermitage museum as it's known now. I had a total fangirl moment here as I was completely awestruck by its beauty. That and I had a massive urge to dance and belt out Once upon a December from Anastasia...
 Some more photos of the winter palace, the one below is of Nicholas ii throne when he met with the first state Dumas.

 One of the hallways in the Winter Palace, I am a total sucker for gorgeous architecture so this place was a dream for me. They even had floors made of rare woods that matched the ceiling design!!
And finally a photo of the Winter Palace during the day, I know there is already a photo of this palace in this set of photos but can you take too many photos of a great thing? Probably, judging by the number of photos I took...

Stay tuned for my Moscow photos during the week, also I have even more photos of St Petersburg if you haven't had enough! Have you ever been to Russia? Did you love it too?