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I'm not shelf-ish, 5 books I recommend

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Cecilia Ahern- If you could see me now
I read this book as I had read PS I love you and my sister told me this was even better than that. (Sidenote, don't judge PS I love you based on the film, it's not like the book at all). I love this book because it takes a simplistic. fairly childish concept and turns it into so much more. If you fancy a cry and a little giggle too then this book is definitely a good one to pick up.

William Goulding- Lord of the flies
This is one of the few books I had to read for school and actually loved. It's about the human impulse to turn to savagery and how civilisation tries to save it. A group of schoolboys trapped on an island, how they 
handle everything. It's so fascinating how the author uses the characters and everything in the book to represent something else. It was one of the few books I didn't hate pulling apart to help me for the GCSE exam, I still have the copy I bought for class too.

Jane Austen- Pride and Predjudice.
A classic, simple as. Everyone at least has some idea of the story as most people wish to find a man just like the mysterious Mr Darcy. I saw the Keira Knightley film before I read the book and loved it, although I now know that Colin Firth is sooooo much better than Matthew McFadden. Anyway, I love Austen and this was the first Austen I read so it's definitely a staple in my collection.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-Sherlock Holmes
I love the entire works but as it's rather bulky I thought I would take a photo of one of my individual books instead. Now, ACD may have hated his character but I love it. I love detective stories... And detectives. That's right, I am Irene Adler now. If you love the show then you'll probably like the books too.

Little Women- Louisa May Alcott
This book is one of those ones that will stick with me for life. It's the sort of book which feels like a comforting hug once you've had a hard day. You just want to be one of the March sisters or at least be friends with them, be there for them as they face their hardships. The film is definitely worth a watch but I , recommend the book even more.

There are so many other books I would readily recommend; plenty that I could talk about for hours on end. These are just 5 I could pick from my shelf and hand to you on a whim, I would hand these over in a heartbeat.

Let me know if you've read them - what did you think of them? I'd love to know!!