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Travel with me to... St Petersburg

Saturday, 27 February 2016
Last week, I went to Russia with the school and despite being flipping cold it was amazing. Although apparently it was warm enough for a woman to sunbathe in a bikini... even though she was stood next to a frozen river and it was -1 degrees. Shoutout to her for being brave enough to do that when we are all in massive coats and thermals. It was such an amazing experience though as we have studied it in history for the past 6 months, and I recommend it to anyone as a holiday. It was stunning, anyway I went to Moscow too on the trip but as I took so many photos I thought I would split the trip post in two. On a sidenote, if you ever go to St Petersburg then go to the Yusupov Palace, you have to pay to take photos in there so I have no photos of it but it is stunning.

Things to do when you're feeling a little lost

Thursday, 11 February 2016
Feeling lost isn't exactly seen as healthy, but it's a part of life. Everyone encounters it at some point, and when it does happen it can be scary. Really scary. I mean we haven't even finished 2 months of the year and I've felt it on a good few occasions. Not knowing what I'm doing. Where I am going. There are some things that help me when I get that way, so I thought I would share a few of them with you.

1. Remind yourself what you want from life, what can help you achieve that or get you there.

I'm not shelf-ish, 5 books I recommend

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Cecilia Ahern- If you could see me now
I read this book as I had read PS I love you and my sister told me this was even better than that. (Sidenote, don't judge PS I love you based on the film, it's not like the book at all). I love this book because it takes a simplistic. fairly childish concept and turns it into so much more. If you fancy a cry and a little giggle too then this book is definitely a good one to pick up.

Be the Leslie Knope in whatever you do

Friday, 5 February 2016
Why I think you should try and be like this beautiful, fictional lady. She's just wonderful. If I could be anyone in life, it would be her.

If you are more like Leslie, then you are one of the best friends anyone could ask for. I mean seriously, the love this woman has for her best friend is beautiful. I love my friends so much, but if I could even be 50% of the friend she is to Ann I would be happy.

Thirteen Thoughts Of A Year 13

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Sorry for the photo, the lighting was awful...

Now if you follow me on Twitter then there is a good chance you have seen me complaining or mentioning about various things that happen during my day. Now I go to sixth form and as a year 13, I am in the oldest year of the school. (I'm king of the world *pretends to be Leo Di Caprio in Titanic*)

1. This class has been going on for ages, surely it's nearly over *checks time* WHAT? It's only been 13 minutes, has time stopped? I guess I'll check again in a bit.... 21 minutes? Well, only 39 minutes to go. Ugh.

2. Why are there so many year 7s, do they not know to get out of the way? I swear they multiply everytime you aren't looking.

3.Why is it so cold?

4.I'm hungry, it's got to be lunch soon. I'm starrrrrving. Oh, it's only 11:30?

5. Why is it so hot in here? I mean do you have all of the heating in the department?

6. Why are there year 12s in the year 13 area, it says year 13 for a reason. Study elsewhere.

7. What? The essay is due tomorrow, what's the title again? I lost the sheet...

8.CAKE FRIDAYYYYYYY. Wait, who's baking it next week? We need the cake guys.

9. I am so tired, they should have a nap time here. Just let us sleep for an hour or so.

10.WHY ARE THERE SO MANY LOWER SCHOOL KIDS IN THE CANTEEN? It's a sixth form area. JFC, they took all the curly fries?!

11.My phone is on 44%??? It's only 12:00 though, how am I supposed to revise? *Puts phone on low power mode and prays someone has a charger*

12. I wish we had lockers, my bag weighs the same as a year 7. Pls help me.

13. I don't get this. At all.