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Having the courage to be kind

Wednesday, 18 July 2018
Top: New look Skirt: Topshop similar shoes: Primark

There’s a line in the live-action Cinderella, her mantra that she lives by, ‘have courage and be kind’ and honestly, it’s one of those film quotes that I think people should live their lives by. I’m assuming everyone does live their life by it though considering how often it appears in calligraphy quote form on pinterest. Just because you have it pinned to a quotes board doesn’t mean you necessarily live by it; being kind is something that should be second nature to us, just doing little things to make others feel better or have a better day.

Little random acts of kindness and selflessness are honestly some of the best things you can do just to improve the mood of others and by extension your overall mood too. Acts of kindness are selfless and can be rather simple since it is the little things that add up, whether that act be taking time to comment on someone’s insta post or donating unwanted clothes to a charity shop. If that person is having a bad day these little smiles and compliments can really help them get through said bad day; even if they’re having a good day the little compliments help. 

A Guide To Bled

Thursday, 12 July 2018

This post is one that has only recently been planned since I’ve only just come back from my trip and is inspired by Jordan’s post on her own trip to Amsterdam. I loved the style she went with in her post since it outlined the cost of the trip, meaning you can work out if your budget fits the experiences/ activities shown in the post. You may not have heard of Bled unless someone you know has already been there, it's a small town and lake in Slovenia, just outside of Ljubliana.

Begin to Blog again

Wednesday, 21 February 2018
Jeans: Topshop Top: HM sale (£3 bargainnn) Boots: Clarks Coat: Debenhams

I’ve not updated this blog in a while, and I mean a while. I could try to come up with plenty of reasons why, but the reality is it’s been university and a lack of motivation for posting. I tried to write in a style that fits my personal narrative but didn’t necessarily convey what I wanted to say. As a result, I lost motivation as I saw a blog I thought others would want to see but weren’t necessarily seeing. More or less, my posts became something that I thought people wanted to read and would want me to say.

Autumn Edit

Monday, 9 October 2017

I was going to create a September favourites, then I decided against it. I furthered this decision by rounding the entire idea into autumn favourites, the season of pumpkin and leaves; the only way I am changing this plan is by calling it an autumn edit so I sound that little bit professional in my writing. Anyway, this is my edit of all things autumnal; reasons I love this autumn in particular and hopefully most autumns to follow.
In the life of nature, autumn appears to be the beginning of the end, the wind-down to the year. I always feel it’s a beginning of sorts even if it does sound overly cliché. Autumn marks the start of a new academic year, new challenges and roads paving their way to a future I am uncertain of. I love this though. The idea of decorating a new room and reading hundreds of more passages that help me navigate essays and the degree they are completing.  I suppose that is reason number one as to why I like autumn, for the challenges and mystery it brings by starting off the new academic year.

Student Room Tour

Saturday, 30 September 2017

I am embarrassed by the amount of time I have let slide by since my last post, nearly a month! This post was supposed to go up on Monday, but since this was ready and today's post still needs a little editing you can have a room tour instead. Sorry about the brief death of my blog, and I hope everyone is having a good day.

You’re all probably thinking, I swear she did a post on this not too long ago and that’s true, but like the disorganised person I am, I didn’t do a room tour until I moved out. Well, this is my new room for year 2!! (Well second year since year two makes me sound like I am back in primary school.)

August Favourites

Sunday, 3 September 2017

I had been planning on posting this earlier in the week but between catching up on sleep from my weekend in Edinburgh and working I haven’t gotten round to it. Apologies as now I am behind on content, a break was needed though, just some time to enjoy life and blogging as two separate entities. Leaving this post though has changed the order of things as I thought I would partake in the obligatory, at least once, monthly favourites.

Fashion Statements

Wednesday, 23 August 2017
“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”-Coco Chanel

I am writing this post in the dead of night before getting up at 2am to take my sister to the airport; is this a good idea? We’ll see. It was started in one of those eureka I thought of that moments, that  moment where  no matter how much you jot it down in your trusty planning notebook it needs to be started. That’s where I’m left, starting a post on an idea I am quite passionate about, I have no idea if I’ll finish it before I need to sleep but we will have to see.

Fashion has always been a place of self-expression and opinion, it has always been a place to demonstrate your loves and style. Bearing this in mind and the current political discourse that encompasses the globe; I thought a post of showcasing your political beliefs through clothing was needed more than a written f**k you to President Trump. After all, why shouldn’t you showcase all your passionate thoughts and feelings through your wardrobe? These aren't necessarily on trend but they are just small ways you can help causes if you wanted to show your views or support openly.