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# Sunday Shout-out: Black Tulip Beauty

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Sorry for the lack of #shoutoutsunday post last week, I was home for my mum’s birthday and since I didn’t have a post prepped I just wanted to spend the day with my family. This week I’ve decided to mix up the theme of this a little and just focus on one blogger so you get a longer review/list of reasons why I love this blog!

I’m never too sure how they work for growing an organic following besides improving stats for comments and social media, but I find blog chats and comment threads a godsend for discovering new blogs. It was in a comment thread that I actually came across Alice’s blog. Black Tulip Beauty is a little bit of everything, even though the title of her blog would suggest a pure beauty-based platform. You can find posts ranging from her health and life with an ostomy to fun content like her boyfriend, Jake, doing her make up!

5 Ways To Stay Healthy At University

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

From my countless tweets on dissertations and trips to the library, it’s probably quite evident to guess I am in my third year at university. If you don’t follow me on there though, hello my name is Julia and I’m a third year history student. I’ve planned more student content to go up over the next few months which is a little amusing since those months will be the last few in my degree and potentially my last in education. I’ll get into that wormhole in later posts, for now I thought I’d give some tips on staying healthy at university. Disclaimer, I am no Bella Hadid or fitness queen, and yes the top drawer of my desk is full of various sweet treats, I still count myself as a fairly healthy student though.

4 Reasons I Stopped Blogging

Friday, 11 January 2019
T shirt: Truffleshuffle, shorts: monki

If you’ve known me for a while then you probably know that technically I’ve had this little blog for a while too. Every so often I’d dust the cobwebs off my keyboard and type out a post but it was only an activity I reached for every so often, my fingers often itched to type out a new post but not enough to finish anything. I doubt any of you are wondering as to why I stopped and only just picked it up again now, but I thought I’d share anyway and give you a little insight into the girl behind beesytimes. I'm hoping in doing so I may be a little better with keeping this up this time, this post is almost a cathartic one to face my blogging fears.

Practically Perfect In Every Way

Monday, 7 January 2019

Something I have struggled with a lot in the past is being myself around other people so on many occasions I have tried to change who I am a bit to fit in. I’m probably not alone here in looking at someone and thinking “Wouldn’t it be nice to just be her for a second?”

Sunday shoutout #1: Bloggers I've been loving recently

Sunday, 6 January 2019
Photo from unsplash of a silver macbook on a wooden desk

This post is inspired by a tweet the lovely Lyd from over at WhatLydDid posted earlier saying about supportive series she’s ran in the past, one of them being ‘Sundayshoutout.’ The idea of sundayshoutout is to share the love you have for other bloggers with other people; basically it’s just a want to spread more positivity. From what I have seen recently at the moment there’s not a great amount of drama in the blogosphere, but still in my books you shouldn’t just spread positivity for the sake of dispelling negativity. Without further ado though, here is my first Sundayshoutout of hopefully many more to come.

Why can't I be a disney princess?

Friday, 4 January 2019

When we are younger we dream of other lives. The lives we live when we are grown, those that are heavily influenced by the various worlds we immerse ourselves in. The question I had in my mind throughout my childhood though; why am I not a Disney princess?

I had a sleeping beauty t shirt that I wore everyday to preschool. I had the crowns and dresses.  I still wasn’t a princess though, I lacked the Prince Charming bent down on one knee. Even now I still lack this illustrious status, gone are the dresses I’ve grown out of, the tiaras that broke due to their plastic bases. All that’s left is a student who still has a great adoration for the creations produced by Disney; a student who still wishes she was a Disney princess.

My Goals for 2019

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

In my last post I spoke about the lessons that 2018 taught me and jumping from that, I thought I’d join the band of thousands of other posts sharing what goals I want to achieve in 2019. The list comprises of both blog-based aims and real life ones so you can see a little more into the other aspects of my life I don't always show on here. Some of these goals are more achievable than others, but what’s a goal if it isn’t at least a little challenging?